Stake & Earn your DEFI Cocktail


COCKTAIL is a DeFi project built on TRON (TRC20) network. There is no pre-mine, no founder’s shares, no VC’s interests — We are simply an equal-opportunity staking distribution to attract a broad and vision-aligned community to steward the future of the protocol and token. Our token COCK is a TRC-20 based crypto asset with a maximum total supply of 10,000.


Who doesn’t like cocktails? You can always use a drink when having too many #Sushi, #Yam and #Carb. Life is short and sometimes you need a break from regular food. It is time to sip a glass of your favorite cocktail to refresh your DEFI taste bud! Carpe diem!

How can I mine COCK?

You will need TronLink to mine COCK. Choose your favorite cocktail and click on “Stake”. Wait for a few seconds and you will see the “Success” notice.

Regarding delays

Why are there delays in updating the numbers?

On opening the website, the website use TronLink to get the updated values. Tronlink itself has delays in displaying the assets, the website can only show updated numbers once Tronlink is updated.

When did the pool begin?

For the first round, the #USDJ, #JFI and #TRX pool begins on 21th Sep 2020 2:00 PM UTC time.

How long will the mining last?

Each round lasts for 28 days since it starts. There are three rounds in total. While for #COCK/TRX pool, it lasts for 56 days since it starts from the second round.

Will COCK be listed on Justswap?



First Round — 4000

Initiates at: 21th Sep. 2020 2:00 PM UTC time

Closed at: 19th Oct. 2020 2:00 PM UTC time

1) USDJ 1500

2) JFI 1500

3) TRX 1000

Second Round — 5000

Initiates at: 19th Oct. 2020 2:00 PM UTC time

Closed at: 16th Nov. 2020 2:00 PM UTC time, except for #COCK/TRX LP

1)COCK/TRX LP 3500 (closed at 14th Dec. 2020 2:00 PM UTC time)

2)JFI/TRX LP 750

3)SUN/TRX LP 750

1000 Reserved for future pool (the third round)

Adding more pools will be subject to community vote



Token address: TE7BRt9GxPoossd1Csyidnai8q4EjsXKs4


Pool address: TLJ7tXMbAauYy5bxRXGQ1ng5XPxbuPfVEL


Pool address: TECM6dzCnreMPc5ZESJuxS5bFAEpdz2fZK


Pool address: TWBwgjgRcTnUwM861bQzdaKCBHaUtsZd4q

Distribution Timetable

The total supply of COCK token is fixed at 10,000 with no extra supply. All tokens will be distributed to miners within 12 weeks.

Development Fund

In order to maintain the project and bring more pools & features, 10% of all mined COCK token rewards will be set aside for the development fund.


The rest of the COCK token would be locked in the contract and entirely governed by COCK holders. For example, vote for adding more distribution pools.

How does the earning calculated?

It’s equally distributed through time. For example, each hour USDJ pool generates 1500/28/24 = 2.232142 COCK.

For more on Cocktail (COCK) please visit:






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